Acumen Cost

Understand the key drivers of costs with Acumen Cost Analytics

Gain deeper insights and understand the economics of your business by leveraging Armada’s cost analytics software in your Strategic Cost Management program.

Costs are the most controllable part of the profit equation.

Competitive and economic pressures are increasing the demand on management to contain costs, reduce expenses and redirect human and financial capital to the highest and best use. Today, executives require credible cost information to better understand the economics of their business to achieve profitable growth.

Current cost management applications are rigid in their methodology and lack the flexibility to adequately model the complexity of today’s diverse organizations. And without control and governance from your Finance department, disparate spreadsheet modeling from organizations competing for financial resources results in conflicting versions of true cost transparency.

Acumen cost analytics was developed to create an agile modeling solution that can provide one centrally governed cost model for use across the enterprise. Acumen’s multidimensional modeling capability provides clients with detailed CostFacts© supporting data-driven decision support across a variety of cost improvement initiatives, including:

  • Product / Customer Profitability
  • Shared Services Cost Recovery
  • Technology Cost Management
  • Operational Cost Improvement
  • Delivery Channel Rationalization
  • Capacity Optimization

Acumen Features & Functionalities

Modeler Independence

  • Financial Analysts can build and maintain profitability ‘out of the box’ – no scripts or coding required
  • Create all calculations and detailed transparency data with a simple click of a button
  • Financial analysts can manage methodologies, drivers, attributes, financial, and more. No need to rebuild the model each time or rely on IT to do it for you
  • Logs, document management, and detail notes features allow multiple users and team members to simultaneously work within the same model
  • Built in model reports allows users to see unassigned costs, unused drivers, and many other reports within the application directly
  • Allows users to generate driver collection excel templates

Scalable, Flexible Data Model

  • Data model can support any size organization and even the most complicated multi-dimensional design
  • User-defined dimensions with various periods and scenario combinations can be used for modeling, and are reported in single reporting model for creating comparative analytics between scenarios
  • Robust driver capabilities to capture volume, weighted volume and time-driven cost assignments ensure users can determine cost methodologies in the tool
  • Get started quickly by importing data from native tools that most Financial Analyst utilizes daily

Multidimensional cost analytics & information delivery

  • Provides full CostFacts©, enabling full transparency at every dimensional intersection of cost assignment
  • Open integration to any data source
  • Easily integrate model data to established reporting environments such ass Essbase, Cognos, PowerPivot, Tableau or QlikView
  • Acumen model can be integrated easily with any data warehouse