Every business needs the ability to differentiate the customers and products that make or lose them money. 

Our approach to delivering Actionable Profitability Analytics combines financial and operational data, leading modeling methodologies and advanced analytics technologies to generate powerful multi-dimensional information cubes for insightful decision support.  

Insights gained from profitability analytics can ensure lasting profitable growth, improve marketing strategies and ensure effective pricing for profitable performance. Profitability analytics empower users to analyze financial performance with transparency and traceability to every dimension of their business, including:

  • Customer Profitability – Who are my most and least profitable customers?
  • Product Profitability – What products require repricing or reengineering?
  • Organizational Profitability – What business areas should we exit or outsource?
  • Channel Profitability – What delivery channels generate the most profitable business?
  • Sales Performance – Who is driving profitable growth and not just revenue growth?
  • Market Profitability – What markets can we grow efficiently and effectively?

Information is only as valuable as the action it initiates.  Armada’s profitability analytics solutions provide the insights needed to drive profitable impacts across the business.