Cost Analytics

Costs are the most controllable part of the profit equation, and every day people are making decisions that affect costs. 

Our approach to achieving Strategic Cost Management leverages an analytics-based framework designed to provide transparency into the underlying economics of a business and the consumption of costs related to the delivery of products and services.  Our ability to model expenses into distinct costs per unit of output can identify opportunities for efficiency gains and cost reduction that have an immediate bottom-line impact by providing cost analytics to impact these three cost control points:

  • Managing demand through more effective pricing or internal chargeback strategies that change consumption behavior
  • Improving efficiency by optimizing processes and removing non-value added activities from operations
  • Optimizing capacity by identifying the cost of unused capacity and eliminate excess capacity and redeploy resources to strategic growth areas

The goal is to create one consistent source of credible unit cost data that engages the business with actionable cost analytics to drive more profitable business behaviors throughout the organization.