Armada Consulting Announces Cost Management Benchmark Survey Findings

Armada Consulting Announces Cost Management Benchmark Survey Findings

DOC-150x150Armada Consulting is pleased to announce the completion of the inaugural Cost Management Benchmark survey for Financial Services companies.  The survey achieved the objective of providing current information on the state of cost management in Financial Services companies representing a cross section of participants including commercial banks, community banks and credit unions.

Participants ranged in size from well over a Trillion in assets to under $300 million.  Regardless of asset size, respondents were fairly advanced in cost analytics with the vast majority rating their capabilities as intermediate or advanced. Despite the respondents being fairly advanced, the vast majority at best had only doubled their investment to date in cost analytics.

We believe Strategic Cost Management is one of the most controllable components of the profitability equation for many industries and survey results suggest many Financial Services companies are challenged to deliver an effective return on investment for their efforts. The survey also confirmed that a successful Cost Analytics framework is one that drives business value and is highly correlated with unit cost methodology, capacity analysis and a standard management reporting approach.  The integration of cost management information into the reporting and planning process was also a strong contributing factor to the success of the overall performance management effort.

The survey confirmed our belief that a successful Cost Analytics framework is not correlated to size of cost analytics investment, use of a dedicated system or asset size of the institution.  Shared Services and IT chargeback mechanisms also contributed to a successful Cost Analytics framework for the majority of companies surveyed.

Many industry contacts and a majority of the respondents indicated an interest in more detailed cost management benchmarking efforts leveraging a standardized approach. Branch economics were the most desired topic for potential further benchmarking efforts along with IT cost transparency and shared services.  Armada Consulting will continue our effort to be a premier provider of Strategic Cost Management solutions by expanding our Financial Services research and potentially leveraging our experience across other service oriented industries.

If you have any questions or if you are interested in participating in current or future survey efforts please contact me at