Armada Launches Cost Analytics Software


Tulsa, OK (PRWEB) July 28, 2014

Armada Consulting, a national cost management consulting firm, announced today the launch of a software business division aimed at delivering cost and profitability analytics into any organization.

The company’s initial software offering is Acumen Cost Analytics, an enterprise-scale activity based cost modeling application.

Acumen helps companies assign expenses to measure profitability across customers, products, organization units and channels. With these advanced cost analytics, Armada clients are able to contain costs, reduce expenses and redirect human and financial capital to the most strategic purposes.

“By creating a new and dedicated software business, we’re demonstrating our commitment to driving innovation in a niche of business analytics often lost on the market’s leading vendors,” said Scott Wise, managing partner of Armada.

Armada consultants have been using a version of Acumen for years in their cost management engagements. The new software business answers the call from clients for a licensed version they can use to impact the bottom line on an ongoing basis.

“The analytics that Acumen can provide are essential to our growth strategies and to our remaining one of the nation’s strongest, safest banking organizations,” said Jeff Barno, senior vice president and financial planning director for Hancock Holding Company. “We are a multi-billion-dollar financial services company with a business footprint across a major U.S. economic region—the five states encircling the Gulf of Mexico. We selected Acumen to provide an advanced level of cost transparency to drive better business decisions and ensure we can optimize our client experience, profitably.”

Historically aimed at the financial services industry, Armada’s consulting business has grown due to renewed emphasis on costs as the most controllable part of the profitability equation. With the launch of Acumen as a licensed software offering, Armada is eager to bring the same success to clients across all industries.

“Financial Services is a very diverse and complex industry that desperately needed improved cost analytics,” said Wise. “Our experience in modeling these complex organizations provides us the confidence that we can deliver cost transparency to clients in any industry.”

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About Armada

Armada is a management consulting firm solely focused on delivering analytics that drive better business decisions. With a track record of delivering results to many of the premier corporations in the world, Armada’s vision is to be the most sought after firm in the world recognized as an innovator in cost and profitability analytics by developing the tools, talent and technology that continuously improves corporate financial performance.