Solutions for IT Cost Management



Business and technology organizations are under continuous pressures to do more with less and IT cost management will help the business organization to control information technology costs. With continued volatility in the economic environment, companies continue to carefully scrutinize IT spending. To respond, CEOs are in need of improved tools to oversee and measure both the costs and consumption of IT resources in alignment with key strategic objectives.

Strategic IT Cost Management

We understand that your company’s expenses are the most controllable part of the profit equation. Armada’s strategic IT cost management team provides not only the insight into the causal drivers of information technology costs, but also establishes a framework to manage demand, prioritize spending, and hold the consumers of technology services accountable for the costs incurred on their behalf. Our approach to IT cost management executes the following objectives:

  • Providing true cost transparency – Based on quantifiable drivers, we create measurable unit costs instead of the total spending.
  • Identify rapid cost takeout opportunities – By either reducing or reallocating IT resources from recurring production to alternate initiatives focused on growth and innovation, we pinpoint the excess.
  • Integrate improved unit cost – Using the information collected from our in-depth unit cost analysis, we bring your improved unit cost(s) into planning, forecasting, and performance management to transform how your organization manages IT operating costs and consumption with credibility and accountability.

IT Cost Management Professionals

Armada has proven experience with several of the world’s premier financial service companies and institutions in IT cost management by improving the costs of organizational technology and operational resources.

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